Mobile security units


242 MSU is the first of its kind in the world, offering mobile security units (MSUs) to private clients. 

In-transit crime in Europe is rising at an alarming rate. We are passionate about our clients being free to live the life they choose and so 242 MSU offer a range of bespoke transit and escort services to ensure the highest protection while on the road. Choose a service to find out more information.

Overt Security - Personal

242 pioneered this service to directly answer the increase in mobile crime targeting exclusive vehicles and luxury assets. The MSUs ensure a proximity deterrent during our client’s movement.

Our task-equipped motorbikes are ridden by former special forces or specialist law enforcement-trained security personnel. They do not need to be in the vehicle with you; allowing you to relax, enjoy your journey and your privacy with family, loved ones, or continue with business discussions on the move. Travel as you wish, without fear of attack.

Upon arrival and departure, MSU operatives can travel on foot providing close protection for our clients until handed off to an establishment’s security or awaiting private security. While the client is within the establishment, MSU operatives remain with the client’s vehicle and ensure continued protection of the asset and its contents. Our mobile service, paired with conventional close protection, offers two overlapping and complementary personal and property protection layers.

Covert Security

There are times when you wish to retain your privacy without any additional attention a visual motorcycle escort may attract.

242 MSUs high agility within traffic, and enhanced field of vision creates a constant 360-degree situational security bubble, whether mobile or standing still.

Our elite network of top tier security professionals mirror your routine and remain alert, so that you don’t have to. We take great pride in allowing our clients to feel safe, secure, relaxed and confident; empowered in the knowledge that we have their safety covered.

Most threats will be recognised and mitigated before they even appear, discreetly and effectively. This can also be paired with our Close Protection or Surveillance services.

motorcycle escort

Popular with touring artists, 242 MSU can assist in escorting a package of vehicles, where police assistance is not available or required. Our riders can keep the vehicles together and help prevent the package going stationary. With motorcycle outrider assistance, we are able to effectively assist in getting through traffic and position our bikes in a way that allows the client to be kept on the move when approaching traffic hazards such as roundabouts, reducing overall travel time.

Our riders can also push forward towards the venue to give the Close Protection team up-to-date intelligence on what the current ground situation is like, to assist them in any contingencies that they may have if there is an intel update.

If there are large crowds present whom try and surround the vehicles, our riders can close in around the principle vehicle and offer a physical barrier to prevent any potential breaches of the package. Our riders will utilise the bikes as physical deterrents to keep fans away and allow the convoy to keep moving.

Asset Movement

In addition to protecting assets within vehicles, our highly trained security team can transport small assets on our specially-equipped secure motorcycles themselves.

Popular items include jewellery, watches and other valuables. This specialist service ensures a reduction in static time option, which is where the asset is most vulnerable.

Using our military grade tracking software and security camera systems, the client is able to live stream their asset being transported. From pick-up to delivery, you can rest assured your assets are in safe hands and will make it to their destination safely and efficiently with full traceability.

For larger items, such as vehicles, paintings etc, we can utilise the MSUs to create a motorcade with 360 degree situational security, either overtly or covertly.

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242 MSU provide clients with the ability to relax and enjoy their lifestyles without fear of attack. Whether for a specific event, trip, or asset movement, we will consult, plan, form and deliver an approach that works for you.