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enhanced protection in every direction

Mobile Security Units (MSUs) act as more than a simple proximity deterrent during travel. MSU’s high agility within traffic and field of vision creates a constant 360-degree situational security bubble, whether mobile or standing still.

From departure to arrival and beyond, we will ensure your safety. Our elite trained MSU operatives provide security both on the motorcycles and off. We can provide personal close protection until handed off to an establishment’s security or awaiting private security. While the client is within the establishment, MSU operatives can also remain with the client’s vehicle and insure continued protection of assets.

Our service offers two overlapping and complementary personal and property protection layers; motorcycle escort, traditional close protection services and more.


Our specialist team was formed in response to the latest emerging threats. We do whatever it takes to protect our clients and use the best people who are special forces trained and passionate about security.

Each client’s requirements are tailored to be met and executed as ‘no fail’ security service tasks. Our elite network of security professionals mirror your routine and remain alert, so that you don’t have to; recognising and mitigating potential threats often before they appear.

We have hand-selected every member of our specialist team to ensure everyone shares the same passion for defending and protecting others.

our mission

We lead with a ‘client first’ approach to close protection to suit individual needs.

We protect so you can live your lives undisrupted.

We provide you with the confidence to continue with your daily life; relaxed, secured and empowered.

We protect individuals, assets, lifestyles, and families to allow you to live your life undisrupted, exactly how you want to live it.

Our aim is to provide normality, safety, and ultimately complete comfort and security for our clients and what is important to them.

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242 MSU provide clients with the ability to relax and enjoy their lifestyles without fear of attack. 

Whether for a specific event, trip, or asset movement, we will consult, plan, form and deliver an approach that works for you.