mobile security units

London, UK & throughout europe

enhanced motorcycle escort service + close protection

For overt or covert protection on the move, our Mobile Security Units (MSUs) offer agile and enhanced safety both during and beyond your journey. Skilled security operatives on state of the art motorcycles flank, escort, and protect you, your passengers, your cargo and your vehicle; remaining as discreet or visible as the project requires. With the rapid rise of violent ‘smash and grab’ robberies in Europe’s capital cities, 242 MSU provides peace of mind, both in transit and parked on the streets.

a service built around you

We offer an incredible flexibility in our scope of service. From complete discretion and invisibility, to offering an impressive visual deterrent, close protection and escort service in high profile situations.

We exist to protect you and everything you hold valuable. Our exclusive motorbike service is task equipped to ensure that you are free to travel in style – safe from any threats.

242 MSU operatives are highly skilled and trained to detect, deter and prevent any security issues effectively, efficiently and discreetly.

strong foundations

242 MSU has been built on integrity, professionalism and excellent customer relationships, which remain at the heart of our philosophy. 

Our highly specialised team comprises of hand-selected former special forces and specialist law enforcement security professionals who share the same passion for defending and protecting others, in a discreet and successful manner. 

We have an incredibly varied client list including international music artists, visiting diplomats, luxury goods retailers, and UHNW individuals and families.

Engage our services

242 MSU provide clients with the ability to relax and enjoy their lifestyles without fear of attack. 

Whether for a specific event, trip, or asset movement, we will consult, plan, form and deliver an approach that works for you.