security services

At 242 London, we create a tailored service for each client where we will learn your routine and behaviours and build a security system to suit you and your lifestyle.

We work with individuals, families and organisations delivering security services developed from our significant experience in real world situations. We begin with a consultation before matching the new client with one or more of our specialist team. We analyse, design and execute our services to meet and exceed clients requirements. Our personalised service ensures high quality results that work. Choose a service to find out more information.

close protection

242 London leads with a ‘client first’ approach to close protection. We start with a full consultation to understand the scope of each client’s particular lifestyle requirements, before tailoring personnel and systems to suit the client’s needs.

We protect individuals, assets, lifestyles and careers to allow our clients to live their lives undisrupted. Whether it be for a specific event, trip, conference, or long term engagement, we will consult, plan, form and deliver an approach that works for our clients.

Each client is treated as an individual and as such, we offer an incredible flexibility in our scope of service; from complete discretion and invisibility, to a visual deterrent in high profile situations.

Last Resort token

242 London understand that some clients do not have the requirement for private security during their travels or in their residences but still need an additional measure of reassurance.

We can provide a discreet mini panic button paired with the client’s phone that will allow the client to immediately send an automated alert with an accurate location to us. Upon receipt of this distress signal, the operative will go through a checklist and take certain actions discussed with the client during onboarding this service.

This service is by invitation only.

mobile security units (MSU)

242 London is the only private security company that provides a task equipped motorbike escort service. The company pioneered this service to directly answer the increase in mobile crime targeting high-end and high-profile vehicles and the contents within them.

The MSUs ensure a proximity deterrent during our client’s movement. MSUs high agility within traffic and field of vision creates a constant 360-degree situational security bubble, whether mobile or standing still.

This service, paired with conventional close protection, offers two complementary personal and property protection layers.


Proportionate and professional in our approach, and armed with skills and experience acquired in the Special Forces and specialist police units, we have the knowledge and insight to advise and implement the latest surveillance strategies.

We work closely with our clients to achieve their aims, ensuring a success rate that is second to none.

We offer comprehensive surveillance services to meet the needs of individuals and businesses alike. Examples of the surveillance services we deliver are, but not limited to, both manned and unmanned overt and covert surveillance, counter-surveillance, brand protection, Technical Surveillance Counter Measures (TSCM), and asset monitoring. Our surveillance is tailored to your specific requirements, ensuring that you receive the level of service you need.